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Do you need new, unique ideas and solutions?
Did the previous efforts bring insufficient results?

… is a process which uses alienations from the given problem and building of analogies - in order to get completely new points of view and new approaches to the problem solving. The emotional and intuitional creativity play a crucial part in Synectics and make generation of extraordinary approaches possible.


  • A very efficient approach to finding solutions
  • Very good, innovative and unusual solutions because creativity can unfold entirely
  • Reaching a deep understanding about the problem and inhibitions to its solving
  • Short time to creation of the concepts

2 days session

*A general approach was given here. Sometimes a certain preparation and post-processing is necessary. For example: preliminary talk with participants, preparation of topics and exact planning of further activities after the Meeting. The attendance of the innovation process after the Synectic workshop is often useful in order to proceed with your innovations efficiently.


About the method:

Synectics, from Greek, means: different and seemingly irrelevant elements are connected together.

In the Synectic subconscious state, psychological mechanisms which participate in the creation of human creativity are intentionally guided. It is the psychologically most established method of ideas generation in groups, developed by William Gordon 1961.

Systematic alienations from the problem are giving new, surprisingly efficient solutions. Cause: Creative processes in people can be described as discrete, unconscious steps.

Hypotheses of the Synectic theory:

  • Creative efficiency in people can be markedly increased if they understand the psychological process by which they operate
  • In creative process the emotional component is more important than the intellectual, the irrational more important than the rational
  • It is these emotional, irrational elements which can and must be understood in order to increase the probability of success in a problem-solving situation.


Synectics in practice:

Around 80% of the inventions in the aerospace technology, which NASA released for the commercial use, came via a Synectic path.

Due to the intense alienation from the problem and involvement of emotional and intuitive creativity, Synectic can be efficiently applied on topics which cannot be handled with conventional methods.