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Different Thinking in the Business

Can you manage to keep a good position in the market?
Are you facing a high pressure of competition?
Do you need more innovation?
Do you have a feeling - the retracted way of thinking is blocking your top performance?

I.C.I.C. offers highly developed methods and trainings for promotion of the Different Thinking und and implementation into successful products and services on the market.


Lead Users Research

The Lead Users are individuals, advanced technologies and outstanding aspects from other technology areas, which have a concrete relevance to your aimed innovation topic. Ascendant trends, Lead Users and Lead Users concepts will be integrated into this innovation process. With this you can generate innovations and reach a breakthrough on the market.


  • You know your future customers and their needs
  • You are using already existing solutions and prototypes (cost- and time savings)
  • You have reached an essential advantage in time and innovation power 

Blue Ocean Strategy

Creation of a specific strategy curve for the generation of a unique and optimal product or service on the market. The product effort and product costs will be minimized and at the same time the amount of customers maximized. With this, global market and sustainability will be ensured.


  • No competition
  • Sustainability and profit by value innovation
  • New customers due to „looking out of the box“
  • Designed not for niche products/services, but for global markets


Intuitive and emotional trip into the world of analogy and subconsciousness. A new access to the old problems will be achieved by the use of intuition and building of metaphors.


  • Very efficient approach to finding solutions
  • Very good, innovative and unusual solutions because creativity can unfold entirely
  • Reaching a deep understanding about the problem and inhibitions to its solving
  • Short time to creation of the concepts



Different Thinking in the Business

In saturated markets, it is possible to generate new business areas by 'different thinking'. Many practical exercises and homeworks after the training help to evolve and consolidate the different thinking capabilities.


  • You learn how to promote innovative approaches in a saturated market
  • More certainty for your innovation
  • You learn how to activate your inner different-thinker
  • Creating acceptance for natural different-thinkers in your teams
  • You will become acquainted with the methods supporting you with different thinking