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A good innovation culture cannot be ordered. Many companies are trying to implement the innovation culture by the ‘top-down’ approach. However, we often experience that  this particular strategy causes resistance in employees, rather than the expected individual initiative.

How shall we handle it than?
How shall we manage such groundbreaking changes of the innovation culture efficiently?


You shall release an ’epidemic’!

Instead of statements like “We must do it like that“, we would rather like to hear: “I would like to attend!”; “How can I contribute?”


Tipping Point Leadership has its roots in the area of the epidemiology and the theory of the tipping point.
This theory hinges on the insight that in any organization, fundamental changes can happen quickly when the beliefs and energies of a critical mass of people create an epidemic movement toward an idea or an aim.

I.C.I.C. works on all important elements of the Tipping Point in a structured workshop.



  • The innovation culture will be implemented with least effort and significantly less resistance
  • Less risk in your innovations projects
  • Higher motivation and individual initiative by employees


Effort: approx. 1 – 1.5 days