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Some companies are asking the following question: “Are there such tools existing which can with certainty deliver successful innovations to the market?”

The answer is: No. There is no 100% certainty existing.

If you drive a car (even a short distance), or if you cross a road, you are never 100% sure that everything will go well. Nevertheless, we can do a lot to increase the safety!
When driving a car, it shall be: making a driving licence, do not drink alcohol, fasten the seat belts, hold the speed limit, stop if there is 'red' at traffic light, … all these we know in everyday life.

When generating innovations, structured innovation processes are increasing the chances to success enormously. Additionally there is an extra 'security-package' existing for complex, difficult and important projects – the Risk Management.


Innovation- Risk Management
… is a process where potential risks scenarios are worked out in a structured way and the risks are step-by-step reduced/prevented.



  • Early identification of possible risks
  • Focus primary on severe + probable risks and secondary to less critical risks brings high efficiency in the project
  • This makes massive cost savings possible
  • Project teams get insight into the serious challenges in the project
  • Good overview and clear visualizing help to meet important decisions
  • Improving of the product- and service-quality in general
  • Reaching of the quality awareness in project teams


I.C.I.C. supports clients in bigger projects between a span of approx. 3 to 7 days. Smaller and simpler projects require short checks, from several hours up to maximum 2 days.

About the method:

Innovations- Risk Management consists of following stages:

  • Find out possible risks in multidisciplinary teams
  • Risk evaluation according to the concrete criteria
  • Ranking and visualizing in a portfolio
  • Initiation of concrete steps and definition of responsible people
  • Observing the results and their influence on the risks; new risk evaluation

Risk Management in practice:

Many leading companies, as well as smaller quality- and costs-conscious firms have implemented the risk management as a standard process when generating new innovations. The low process costs justify over and over again enormous savings.

Even I.C.I.C. applies a simplified version of the Risk Management when performing single challenging workshops. This guarantees a higher probability for a successful and smooth process.