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Firmenprofil Innovation Produkte Projekte Referenzen

Do you have too little capital to afford high-tech innovation?
Are you a small or medium business and want to push on your innovation like the best and most innovative companies do?
Are you a large company searching for competent partners and suppliers for your innovative product- and service developments?
Are you prepared to transform your weaknesses into your strengths?

Business Crossover

… is a procedure which guides different organisations though a process in order to eliminate weaknesses of ones company by the strengths of the other. Business Crossover has its focus in development and steering of innovation in small and big companies.


Benefits for small, middle and big companies:

  • Joint learning when implementing the innovations into the company processes
  • Joint understanding of the customer needs
  • Joint understanding of the potentials for the innovations
  • Big companies understand better the end customers requirements
  • Small and middle firms learn how the big organizations/companies generate innovations
  • Big companies reach efficiently the best know-how carriers (SMB-s)
  • Big companies learn to understand the mindset of the small firms (at the same time the end-customers)
  • Mutual network with competence-database
  • Exchange of the best practice


The effort depends on the size of the project and the kind of the know-how exchange (usually one or more daily meetings respectively joint project attendance)



  1. Capturing the status: needs, strengths-weaknesses analysis and expectations on the workshop/project. (Special emphasis will be laid to the linking of the strengths/weaknesses with reversed polarity: “to offer what we can do good and receive from those which can do better”.)
  2. Looking out for big, middle and small companies for joint innovation processes
  3. Concrete linking and carrying out of the project with support by I.C.I.C.