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Creativity and a good gut feeling are very important!
However, the innovation is left much too often to the creative coincidence alone.


„Structured Ways to Innovation and Breakthrough on the Market”

Dražen Carić…
shows which most advanced tools in the innovation management will be successfully used by World leading companies. 



Structured Ways to Innovation: introduction into few highly efficient methods/processes for structuring of the innovation process and reaching the breakthrough on the market

  • Lead Users Research (learn from lead users who already have concrete solutions for your problem)
  • Idea Pool (immediate storage of your creative fancy - communication - implementation)
  • Structured Idea Management (how to join creativity and structure in an optimal innovation process)
  • Synectics (metaphoric, intuitional and emotional trip to different thinking in the business)
  • Blue Ocean Strategy (focus on the essential and on the untouched areas helps to: reach large masses of customers, secure the success on the market and gain much higher profit)

 … with cases from the best companies


Duration: approx. 1 hour + additional discussion