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Concept Workshop

…is a process, in which the ideas get a precise shape. This takes place mostly through the combination of multiple ideas and their aspects and through the participation of the proper workshop participants.



  • At the Concept Workshop the solutions are developed in high quality and in very short time. 
  • The results are clear, precise approaches with a rough estimate of the potential at the market and a listing of the advantages and disadvantages.

The Concept Workshop can be used for:

  • Developing of the concepts in order to reach an economical breakthrough on the market
  • Developing of new product- and service-strategies in order to achieve a clear benefit. Examples: products for end customers, marketing policies, production processes, etc.
  • Finding solutions for concrete problems / aspects / application areas which are essential for the success of the product on the market


0.5 - 2 days of preparation
1 - 3 days Concept Workshop
0.5 - 2 days post processing

*Remark: The effort can vary from case to case. According to the importance of the workshop, the preparation can take up several days, as it is the case at the Lead User Workshop. It stays to decide separately in a concrete project.


About the Method:

During the Concept Workshop, ideas will be refined respectively worked out more in detail. Additionally, certain aspects which ideas are consist of can be used to solve concrete problems. The ideas will be worked out so, that they look like the final products for the first time. This helps to take project decisions more easily.
The supervision of a Concept Workshop demands a lot of experience of the moderator and a good preparation. The result is correspondingly a pool of concepts, which feature high quality, integration and a high stage of maturity - the ensemble in the shortest time.
Despite in some cases relatively high costs, which can arise for a Concept Workshop, this approach is highly efficient and saves effective time and costs.

The design of the workshop can varry among simple teamwork, intermittent work in groups and team competitions. The team members from the own organisation can be involved, but also external people who have the relavant knowledge. A specific case is involving Lead Users, where an diligent preparation of the workshop is required.