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Too little innovation?
Do you have a feeling – the retracted way of thinking is blocking your top performance?
Changes and complexity increases, are you well prepared?
According to a survey, 70 % of the employees in a company have already taken the inner decision to quit their jobs.Do you feel that all of your employees have the chance to unfold their inherent creativity sufficiently?


Innovation Culture

…is a process to bring an innovative approach of a company to a high level. All of the necessary conditions like working atmosphere, development, handling of ideas, motivation etc. are going to be optimally defined and implemented.



  • Improvement of creativity, substantially more concrete sustainable ideas
  • Efficient handling of ideas à An efficiency, in which you can bring about quantum leaps
  • Higher marksmanship of your ideas
  • Shorter lead times during the innovation projects
  • Cost and time-saving
  • Increase of motivation in the company: more identification with everyday work in all organization levels; your employees will better identify with your company – feel the company as their own
  • Consequently there will be an essential higher productivity

Modules and Effort*:

Module 1 – Installation of an innovation tool
An efficient innovation tool / innovation process will be installed in your organisation. This enables your company to generate innovations  independently
5 to 20 days, depending on the complexity and need for improvement in your company

Modul 2 - Training of the different thinking and structured innovation finding
2 to 4 days, per each training module

Modul 3 - Pilot project
The carrying out of a concrete pilot project supports the implementation of the innovatiion culture in the organisation signifficantly.
This project delivers a concrete and practical business result. Your employees and management are going through all essential steps of an innovation process. Additionally, an "Innovation Project Champion" in your company will be nominated. This person will be intensively involved in the pilot project and can take the role of the Innovation Manager in your company respectively, will be responsible for a continous growth of the innovation culture in your organisation.

Modul 4 - Coaching und Steering
According to the requirements, your management and your teams will be periodically and efficiently coached. This helps to get out the maximum productivity from the innovative potentials of your organisation.

*The effort depends on the size and complexity of the company / the organization and on the maturity of the existing innovation culture.