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Philips - project management, innovation management, trainings/seminars, innovation process design & consultancy, innovation risk management, facilitation

Procter & Gamble - innovation process design & consultancy, function development, facilitation

Arthur D. Little - project management, innovation knowledge transfer
3M - innovation knowledge transfer
The miracles of science™
DuPont - innovation knowledge transfer, facilitation
Hilti - innovation knowledge transfer

IEDC - Bled School of Management - lectures, partnership

Villach City - strategic development of the city, workshops, innovation project support

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber - lectures, workshops, facilitation, trainings, feedback- and networking-management, departments development

Magna - strategic innovation development, product optimization, workshops, lectures, consultancy

Congress & Messe Innsbruck - workshops, innovation project support

Infineon Technologies - innovation event
Liebherr - innovation-trainings/seminars
Government of Carinthia - Innovative development, workshops and lectures in field of human resources and job market
Andritz - workshops, support in the innovation process

Klagenfurt City - commercial development of the city, workshops, teambuilding
Hidria - lectures, workshops, innovation projects and project support, consulting
Dr. Oetker - workshops, trainings/seminars, innovation culture, consulting, project support
Pago - innovation-trainings/seminars, projects and workshops, marketing innovation

Elan - strategic innovation development, project support, workshops
SEZ - innovation event
Raiffeisenbank Eberndorf - Development of innovation teams, innovation culture and support of innovation projects, workshops

Association of German Industrial Designers - lectures, partnership

The Federation of Austrian Industries - innovation wokshops

Iskra Avtoelektrika - lectures, wokshops
Stadtwerke Klagenfurt - support for innovation projects, lectures
Goerner - innovation-wokshops
Saravini - innovations-Wokshops

Villas - strategic innovation development, risk management, project support, workshops

Carinthian Academy for Administration - seminars, trainings, lectures
Community Ferlach - community development, creative laboratory

Economic Assotiation Carinthia - lectures

Country of Carinthia, Department 17 Road and Bridge Building - strategic development, team building, workshops
Business Frauen Center - innovation seminars
Austrian Golf Association - teambuilding, motivation- and performance optimization
Trigonale - innovation for sales, advertisement and optimisation of public relations
Madrigalchor Klagenfurt - workshops: reviews, teamwork, targets, ideas for positioning
SGZ, Slovenian econimic association - lectures, jury member at the ideas competition „Future Ideas Karawanks“
  Create Carinthia - strategy development and brand communication
National Guild of Metal Engineers - strategic development, team building, performance optimization

Gasser+Partner - workshops
Fussi - innovation at the communication strategy, structured workshop
Holz die Sonne ins Haus - workshops

ilab crossmedia - workshops, innovation process consultancy, general consultancy, partnership

FH Technikum - workshop
build! - workshop
  Welcome - risk management, networking-management
Kohlbach - risk management, trainings/seminars
Kohl & Partner - lectures, partnership
Textbar - consultancy, project support for new business generation

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