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Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID)

 eVDID, Association of German Industry Designers had organized a forum on th topic: Systematic application of processes in the innovation management Conference room in the House of Economy, Stuttgard Dražen Carić talks in Stuttgart about "Structured Ways to Innovation" Dražen Carić explains the possibilities and benefits of a urierten Innovationsmanagements Roland Heiler, head of Porsche Design Studios, talks about "Design as Innovation Motor"



Team exercise on the topic "Different Thinking in the Business" Seminar "Creativity": graphic expression of own personality Seminar "Creativity": exercise "Thinking Constructive" Georg Obkircher presents his solutions


Carinthian Academy for Administration

Günther is presenting his concept Business case practice Christian presents his results after the Synectic-workshop



Workshop with the management team Creative work outside At the end of the workshop


Klagenfurt City

Dražen is facilitating the workshop in the city centre The 43-group Head of marketing Helmut Ellensohn und managers during the team work The team of the inner city Herbert Reiner is presenting his team concept Raphaela Egger shows a high creative involvement


Infineon / The Federation of Austrian Industries

Pupils NAWI-olympiad winner during the team work Dražen coaches one of the teams Pupils are evaluating the ideas Nertila is presenting the results of her group


Congress und Messe Innsbruck

CoMe management team Dražen during facilitation Interim evaluation Thomas during the final round



i.c.i.c. Business Partner

Dražen Carić and Helmut Sagmeister during a project project preparation Dražen and Inga Dražen und Charly (Dr. Karl Ladler) are developing a new product